Think building REST Services for Oracle Database is hard?

Tooling around SQL Developer, browsing data, and thought to yourself, that would make a great Web Service?

Now, you can quickly publish the query behind a grid to a new or existing ORDS Module.

Just right-click! (well wait a second, you need ORDS installed and configured for your database. And the user/schema should be REST enabled too.)

This is the Sessions report.

Which brings up this dialog…

Put it in a new Module (collection), or…

…add it an existing one.

Pick one!

And of course decide on the other things. What’s the URI going to be, pagination size, etc.

Before you click OK/Publish, please review the code.

You don’t have to use a GUI, ever with ORDS, but it sure can make it more fun.

And you’re good to go.

But let’s go look at it, and run it.

You can add parameters, change the code, whatever at this point.

And in my browser, here’s a list of those sessions.

Cool stuff.

I think that’s pretty easy. And we’re looking to make this even easier. One of our internal users here at Oracle had this to say…

Thanks for the link, I installed on my dev box. Looks good. Thanks ever so much for the quick response and thanks for all you are doing with ORDS. It makes creating web services the easiest thing in the world!

More Fun?

I could change up the query to return some $location URIs that would pull the waits for a specific session or get the PLAN for the current or prev SQL_ID.


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