Updated Mach 17, 2022

SQL Developer Desktop allows you to load, download, view, and update BLOBs in your Oracle Database tables.

A picture of The Blob stored as a BLOB

But, what about in your browser?

Let’s browse a table (via Query) in SQL Developer Web, version 20.3.

So far, meh?

For the ‘fun’ stuff, see the pencil icons on the (BLOB) cells in the data grid.

Some info, how big is it, what kind of file is it?

OK, so if we know it’s a picture, can we see the picture?


What about GIFs?

Animated GIF of viewing an animated GIF when stored as a BLOB in SQL Developer Web

And a PDF?


And finally some TEXT.

First, we’ll view it as the HTML object.

What if I don’t want the HTML rendered?

It’s just a text file, so…

“Object” => let the browser handle the data via mime type, ‘Text’ => the raw source.

What about changing/inserting the BLOBs?

Read/write GRIDs are now available.

You can open a table or view from the left hand side browser, proceed to the Data tab.

You can then work with existing rows, or create a new one – point to the local file on your machine to upload into the existing or new row.

The whiz-bang adventure continues!

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  1. hi,
    very nice, but i dont use sql developer web ,user is ords enable, after login this error show:

    An error occurred
    Please clear your browser’s temporary files and try again.


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