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Oracle SQL Developer v4EA2 Is Now Available

EA1 dropped in July. Now here we are a little more than a week before Oracle Open World and we are making Early Adopter 2 of Oracle SQL Developer version 4 available for you to download and provide feedback. There’s two big things you need to know about: About 500 bug fixes Support for ADDM/AWR/ASH […]

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Oracle SQL Developer 4: A Tweak With Table Filters

In previous versions of Oracle SQL Developer, if you start typing in the Data tab’s filter dialog on a Table Editor, SQL Developer would make suggestions for you. A few folks have asked that we not be so aggressive with the ‘help’ here. And I wholeheartedly agree. So in version 4… If You Want Help, […]

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Increased Flexibility for Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Diagrams in v4

I recently talked about how you could tell the modeler to use custom classification types for your tables. But, I forgot to tell you where you could find these settings in version 4! Surprise – we moved them. Excellent… Sometimes I think developers change stuff because they’re bored or maybe even because they don’t realize […]

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Resetting the Oracle SQL Developer Desktop in v4.0

Can’t get your SQL History or Snippets panel to open? Before version 4.0, we would frequently advise users to close SQL Developer, go into their user settings folder and delete the’windowinglayout.xml’ file and then restart SQL Developer. This would force SQL Developer to re-create the desktop view and bring everything back to the defaults. That’s […]

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Oracle SQL Developer 4 Quick Hit: Search and Replace

The new editor framework provides a more interactive and rich experience when replacing text. It’s a very simple improvement, but one that I think will make you feel ‘better.’ I know that’s a subjective measurement, but I’m sticking with it. And something I talked about earlier, double-clicking on a ‘word’ in the editor will auto-find […]

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Clickable Error Messages in Oracle SQL Developer v4

So you’ve got your monster script you’re running in SQL Developer and you run into some errors. Wish it were easier to jump to the line where said errors are being reported? Well in Oracle SQL Developer v4, your wish is our command. Just Click on the Highlighted Blue Error Text in the Output Panel […]

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Defining Redaction Policies for Oracle Database 12c Data Models in Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler version 4 was released as an Early Adopter just last week. You can go download it here and read about the new features here. A snippet of those new feature release notes… Masking Mask templates can be defined and used in definition of columns with sensitive information. Support for REDACTION […]

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Oracle SQL Developer v4.0: Breadcrumbs

Hansel and Gretel are in the forest and don’t want to get lost, so Gretel leaves a trail of white pebbles to mark their way. In future adaptations of this Bros. Grimm story, the white pebbles have become ‘breadcrumbs.’ So what does this have to do with SQL Developer? When working with large bits of […]

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DB DOC Enhancements for Oracle SQL Developer v4

One of our more popular features is ‘DB Doc.’ It’s like JAVADOC for the database. Pick a connection, right-click, and go. It will generate an HTML documentation set for that schema. For version 4, we’ve introduced a few enhancements based on user requests. That’s right, you asked, and we listened. Added support for Package Bodies […]

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What’s New in Oracle SQL Developer v4.0 Webcast

You may have noticed a few posts lately where I’m talking about new and improved features in SQL Developer version 4.0. You may have also been too busy to read all of them. For shame! But that’s OK. I’ll be doing a webcast with ODTUG on Tuesday, August 20 at NOON Eastern Time. When I’m […]

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Floating Editors in Oracle SQL Developer v4

Working on a table? Maybe you need to investigate the stats while you also browse some data. But this is a BIG table. You know how to do the ‘split document trick,’ but that’s not quite cutting it. You need more screen real estate. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could drag that table viewer […]

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SQL Developer v4 Quick Hit: Split Worksheets

One of the cooler features SQL Developer offers is the ‘split document.’ If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please take 90 seconds and read this short post first. Ok, well that worked well for pretty much every type of editor in SQL Developer save one – the SQL Worksheet. Let’s say you wanted […]

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Reporting Enhancements for Oracle SQL Developer v4

This feature is going to be hard to cover in a single post, but I’m going to try anyway. The Reports interface received performance improvements, a few tweaks to make them easier to build, a slew of new charting options, and more visual control to tweak. Oh, it’s also available via the command-line interface. Let’s […]

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