Stump the Toad Chump!

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One of these babies could be yours!

Ask questions, get answers – and a Toadie!

He wants questions. You want answers (and a Toad). So, ask away – stump the Toad chump!

We’re looking for challenging questions dealing with Oracle Database and Toad, for example:

  • Can Toad do that?
  • I had this problem once where…
  • I hate it when…

The Rules!

If I like your question, you get a Toad beanie. I’ll answer any and all questions submitted. Please keep the questions to a technical nature, although if you have pricing or licensing questions, I’ll answer those off-line for you, no worries. The promotion is for our Public Sector Customers in the United States of America, but I am happy to take questions from any and all users from around the world.

We’ll run this gig for as long as people keep asking great questions, or until we run out of Toad beanies.

  • Leave your question as a comment on this page.
  • Be sure to use a ‘real’ name, so that I can track you down later to get your shipping information.

Bonus points for originality and humor.

We love our snark here at Quest Software 😉

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