Toad used to just be a simple freeware software program. Oracle developers could download it and use it in a matter of a few minutes. Today, it’s an entire brand at Quest Software – and does everything from Oracle to Apache Hadoop and surely isn’t limited to just developers anymore.

This week my friend and co-worker Steven launched a new contest where Toad users can compete for prizes and money by taking a series of on-line quizzes based on how much they know about Toad.

We even used to have a Toad Mall where you could buy Toad merchandise, but it never really caught on. Probably because people were used to getting the t-shirt for free.

Heck, we even got Toad cell phone ring tones, screensavers, and Toad video games you can play.

Toad Video Games - Yeah, We Got That Too

Rest Assured, Quest Hasn’t Lost Focus

While it may appear that Toad has gone crazy and diversified to the point that the original focus and purpose of the product has been changed or lost – development for Toad has largely gone unchanged since day 1. Toad has had the same group of core developers going back since at least 2001. I think that’s really speaks volumes to the stability of the product. While a developer or two may come or go, we have several folks with more than 10 years experience. They remember why Toad became what is it today, and they realize what it must to to remain relevant in today’s market.

That’s why you will see in each and every release compelling features built just for your every day PL/SQL developer, DBA, and data geek.

If you’ve got some spare time, and want to see just how well you stack up with your fellow Toad users, and you like a little extra spare change in your pocket, why not go give the Toad Challenge a try?


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