We’ve just published our first update!

Big thanks to all of our early adopters who shared feedback, primarily on the Extension Marketplace Q&A and our Forums.

Based on that feedback, we’ve identified and fixed a couple dozen bugs and opportunities for improvement.

You can see the entire changelog here.

But I want to call out a couple of the biggest ones.

Fix #1: Default to Best Fit on the Grids

Done! When you browse a table or run a query, we’ll apply a ‘best fit’ to the column sizing.

Still pending: an extension preference to set your Default column sizing (Best Fit, To Header, To Data…)

Fix #2: Remember :binds on Statement Execution

When you run a query with :binds, you’ll be prompted for values. If you run the query again, we’ll still prompt you, but remember your previous values for each bind variable.

Fix #3: Unable to browse packages

This wasn’t broken for everyone, but if you had a SPEC w/o a correlated BODY, you would most likely be unable to browse and open your packages. This is fixed!

Fix #4: Slow script executions/Compiles/Exports

It was taking minutes for example to compile really big PL/SQL programs vs say a second. Exporting query results was too slow. Really long scripts weren’t executing and displaying their output as efficiently as they could.

Those have all been dramatically improved!

Easier Exports

Fewer clicks! We’ll let you set the File destination all in one go, here’s what that looks like now –

Faster Browsing

We don’t have filters, yet! But when browsing say, a list of packages, we’ll grab 1,000 items at a time. You can then use things like Ctrl+F to quickly navigate to the package you want.

Before we were grabbing a few dozen items and then you had to scroll, wait, scroll, wait, etc.

How do I update?

That’s the beauty of VS Code, it will sort this for you. You should see a notification in your Extensions panel, and then that an update is available.

Or you can ‘force the issue,’ like so –

What’s coming, next?

We’re currently underway working on the following projects:

  • search/filtering for SQL History
  • filtering objects/schemas in connection trees
  • Explain Plan displays
  • User Defined Reports (and the Session Browser)
  • JSON Relational Duality Views
  • PL/SQL Debugger
  • More authentication options for connections (PROXY)

We may also look at doing preview releases, as Visual Studio’s Marketplace makes that, easy!! So you’ll get your hands on our updates sooner, and you can provide your feedback before the features are officially published. Stay tuned, but we’re hoping our next update will be ready in March…ish.


I'm a Distinguished Product Manager at Oracle. My mission is to help you and your company be more efficient with our database tools.


  1. Rajeshwaran Jeyabal Reply

    Also missing the “generate DB doc…” option with the connection properties – can we expect that in March updates ?

    • The features aren’t “missing” – we just haven’t built them, yet.

      All of this is on our roadmap!

  2. Rajeshwaran Jeyabal Reply

    Thanks for the update Jeff, looks nice.
    couple of things

    1) Also can you get the way of organizing the connections to folders? It would be a great use for us.
    2) can we also get REST modules support, we have been missing it VSCode version.

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