SQL Developer has been around since 2005 and has millions of users. We’ve built many features in that time, but I’m guessing many of you have yet to scratch the surface when it comes to optimizing your experience. Ready to take it to the next level? I’ve got 10 SQL Developer Tips you need to WATCH right now.

These demos WILL save you TONS of time.

How do I know this? Because I’ve spent the last 11 years talking to users, and I’ve heard it over and over again – OMG I wish I had know that, yesterday!

This list isn’t ordered, you may find one or more useful…or none of them. But you’ll know what’s available when you need it!

10. Dragging data into a WHERE IN list.

This blew up on LinkedIn when I shared it last week, 50,000 impressions and 500 Likes so far!

We add the commas, and the ‘quotes’ for strings, auto-magically.

9. Ctrl-Click to navigate from code to objects.

Ctrl+Mouse Click versus using the keyboard to open my procedure.

8. Splitting editors, in this case, your PL/SQL programs.

You can click-drag, or right click to split a document.

7. Splitting tables and views for browsing data, too!

And not just the data tab – see your column definitions/model AS your browse the data.

6. Viewing multiple objects and files, in a single desktop

How to see more than one thing at a time!

5. Explode SELECT * to a fully qualified column list.

Mouse over the * to activate the ‘tip.’ Click the list to replace the code.

4. Get DDL for any database object.

Execute as script. Don’t like the storage/segment info? Disable it with SET DDL command.

3. Turn Oracle Joins to ANSI and back again.

I’m not saying which one is better, you do you.

2. Building a SELECT with a Drag and Drop.

1. Removing line numbers from your SQL queries

Lazy-copy-paste, with a twist.

Looking for some more Top 10 lists?

I’ve got the Tag just for you!


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