22.2.1 are both available for SQLcl and ORDS.

Download now:

Those are the ‘latest’ downloads.

Version specific downloads are now accessed via eDelivery.

Confused? Try watching the movie.

There’s only 1 option for SQLcl and ORDS, just the zip. You can also of course use YUM.

These are minor updates

Some core libraries updated (Jetty for ORDS), a few bugs fixed. Check the Release Notes and ReadMe to see exactly what.

SQL Developer Updates coming…

22.2.1 should be available ‘soon’ – you may not hear about it directly from me however. I’m leaving work behind for a week. Follow me on Twitter if you want to see pics of me enjoying myself at the beach.

A bug fix or two there, plus some nice DMG packages for Macs. You’ll get JDK11’s included for both x64 and ARM distributions, so the M1/M2 cool kids will be properly sorted. More on that, later.


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