I don’t talk much about APEX here. That’s not because I don’t endorse the technology. It’s more because we have an entire team that can talk about APEX so much more intelligently than I!

I have however talked about APEX before. Here are a few examples you might find useful:

I worked with Joel for almost a decade. We’d see each other a few times a year at conferences. We’d ride bikes or run together. We argued. We did all the things co-workers and friends do. He told me about APEX team members they had lost and celebrated at their favorite Thai restaurant. We spent more than a few hours at pubs together… It still feels weird to talk about him in the past tense.

One of many trips to SF for Open World.

If you search the Google or Twitter for #JoelKallmanDay you’ll find a ton of other posts, and if you wait a day or two, Tim will probably inventory them up for us. Also, thanks Tim for starting the Oracle Community Appreciation Day so many years ago and also for honoring Joel’s memory.


Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) has a few major features. One of them is serving up PL/SQL programs and getting the web content back. If that sounds familiar, it should as it’s what makes getting APEX pages to pop-up in your browsers.

Over the last decade ORDS has grown to be so much more than just a PL/SQL gateway. What this means is, if you’re an APEX customer, with a few configuration flag updates, your ORDS install could make the following things available to you, immediately, for free:

Specifically in today’s post I want to call out that last item, and the REST Endpoints for APEX.

More Endpoints are coming, and more APEX features in SQL Developer Web are on the way as well.

So let’s take a quick tour of these!

Get instance statistics /_/db-api/latest/apex/statistics/instance/

Yes, I’m pulling these from my Always Free Autonomous Database instance.

Lots of info here…

GET APEX Workspaces /_/db-api/latest/apex/workspaces/

GET APEX App/Workspace Statistics /_/db-api/latest/apex/statistics/workspace/{workspace}/

I’m bad, I haven’t been building/using APEX Apps all that much – your stats will be much more interesting!

GET APEX Instance Overview /_/db-api/latest/apex/statistics/overview

Defaults to last 30 days

Want to see more of these APIs?

I’ve talked about using them to kick off Data Pump jobs and more. You just need to enable the feature in ORDS, and you’re good to go!


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