My previous take on this was released in 2018. A LOT has changed since then, as you can imagine. While I’ve done a few videos on specific features in the meantime, I really wanted to do another take on just what you can do with what we used to call SQL Developer Web.

Well, here is THAT video:

It’s 50 minutes, but don’t worry, I’ve added some ‘jump points’ you can use to hop around.

In this video, I cover:

  • SQL worksheet 2:45
  • Opening TABLEs (‘slider’) 11:52
  • Importing data to a new table 16:50
  • Drag and Drop tables/plsql to generate code 20:14
  • Converting a SQL statement to a Chart 22:35
  • Data Modeler and relational diagrams 25:30
  • REST API Development and Testing 28:15
  • JSON Collections & Documents 34:24
  • Charts 39:45
  • Creating Database users 41:47
  • Instance Viewer 44:07
  • Performance Hub 45:58
  • Session Browser 47:14

Yeah…it’s a LOT of stuff. You can see why I’ve been busy blogging the past few years!

And not just blogging, but also creating videos. I have a playlist of all of the Web features and content here.

If you prefer reading or if YouTube is banned in your workplace, remember you can read all this stuff here.


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