We released updates for your favorite command line interface and design tools for the Oracle Database yesterday!

Primarily bug fixes, but we do have at least one treat for you. Requested more than a few times, we now have support for this:

It seems like we need more regions in 2021…

Can’t get access to 21.1 just yet? You can do this in any version of SQLcl…


In fact, I showed how to do this and more all the way back in 2016!

The next update for SQLcl will have some seriously cool upgrades on the overall editing experience. I’ve been teasing both vi and emacs support for example, we just couldn’t sneak those in for 21.1…

SQL Developer Data Modeler 21.1 has about a half dozen bug fixes reported from the community, mostly around DDL generation. You can see the full list here.

What about SQL Developer & ORDS?

Why, thanks for asking!

Our next update for SQL Developer will be version 21.2, around the end of June.

Oracle REST Data Services version 21.1 is ready to be released now, but we’re waiting for one last set of release procedures to clear. That update has already been submitted to Oracle Cloud for Autonomous Shared subscribers.

I’ll have a few nice updates for Database Actions, formerly known as SQL Developer Web, v21.1 hopefully in a week or 2.


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