We deployed ORDS 21.1 to our Autonomous Database Cloud instances over the weekend. My Ashburn instance is now showing this:

If you’re still on 20.4, your tenancy should be upgraded in the next day or so…

So what’s new?

  • New menu for navigation
  • A brand new editor
  • Insight/type-ahead improvements for JSON

I hope you like animated GIFs…

Mega Menu, vs slide out panel for navigation

Oh, and access to Performance Hub from here is also new 🙂

I’ve found myself LOVING this over the past few weeks of using it. It’s so much easier to toggle around the tool now. It’s more seamless and less intrusive.

Brand new editing experience

For nerds in the know, we’re using the Monaco editor now, under the covers.

Insight/type ahead support for not just what’s in the data dictionary, but also what’s already in your editor. We’ve also got access to the Command Palette and some pretty powerful editor widgets there.

And finally, on our first step to true Dark Mode support, you can use a few different editor look-and-feel schemes.

JSON, much easier querying/filtering

We’ll scan your docs for the ‘schema’ and offer those attributes for completion, so so nice.

But I’m not in the Cloud, yet.

No worries, this version of Database Actions, formerly known as SQL Developer Web, will be available via Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) version 21.1 in just a few days.


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