I have MANY videos and slide decks for Oracle REST Data Services. The shortest one is about 15 minutes, and the longer ones reach an hour or more.

My colleague and friend, Mike Dietrich, asked me to participate in his education program, The Oracle Virtual Classroom Series.

For my 5 minutes, I submitted a 9 minutes video and slides for an ‘everything you should know about ORDS.’

Here are those slides –

In my head, it was 5 minutes. In practice, it was…not quite 10 minutes.

The Video

9 minutes is the new 5 minutes.

To the hundreds of developers and DBAs who saw this live – thanks for time and attention!

For everyone, if you have questions, drop me a comment!


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  1. Praveen Prabhakaran Reply

    Hi Jeff,

    Can we expose a plsql procedure with Oracle Object type ( 2+ levels) using ORDS?

    Thanks ,

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