Most performance problems will be identified, analyzed, and fixed before you even have a chance to be impacted by them in Oracle Autonomous Database.

And with our Machine Learning algorithms and technologies like Automatic Indexing and the Exadata Appliance – this will only get better over time.

But, if I’ve learned anything, if you give someone access to a database, they’ll eventually find a SQL statement that’s not as fast as they want it to be.

What does one do when that happens?

Well, the Oracle Database has a lot of great features when it comes to finding and fixing your bad SQL. In this video, I wanted to give you a tour of some of those while working with my Always Free Autonomous Database.

Not an Autonomous Subscriber? These features will also work on your customer managed or on premises instances of Oracle Database – just be sure you’re licensed for the Diagnostic and Tuning Packs as required.

Go to the Video page on YouTube for chapter links so you can fast forward.

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