It’s here, and we’re ready to teach you how to use it to accelerate your business and career!

I’ll be teaching you how to get the most out of Oracle SQL Developer Web and REST Data Services (ORDS) in two, one hour sessions.

July 25: SQL Developer Web

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10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern, we’ll spend an hour going over how SQL Developer in Autonomous works, how to login, grant access for other database users, and all of the major bits of functionality.

August 15: REST Services

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10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern, we’ll spend another hour talking about how to publish, secure, access, and document your RESTful Services in an Autonomous Database using ORDS and SQL Developer (Web & Desktop).

I believe both sessions will be recorded and there will be time for questions. And yes, I’ll be delivering the training.


I'm a Distinguished Product Manager at Oracle. My mission is to help you and your company be more efficient with our database tools.

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