This would be for both SQLcl and SQL Developer, but a few are reserved for SQLcl today.

You have two options for formatting your query output:

  • Adding a comment to your query /*json-formatted*/
Setting it for the session or just for a specific query.

Here are some slides demonstrating all the cool format options you have available:

Some things you may have forgotten about…

Just run ‘help set sqlformat’ for all the details:

Kris talks about the new pattern matching/highlighting feature included with ANSICONSOLE now in version 19.1.

And, did you know you can create your own formatting options? Just write a bit of code (js, python, perl, whatever Nashorn supports!)

My JS is horrible so I just steal it off the internet.

SQL Developer Web, Too!

When we share code between our tools, everyone wins!

TL;DR – The Movie!

Skip to 1:52 for the demo.

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