Good news! You got a new computer!

Bad news…you now have to move all your stuff over.

For SQL Developer this is pretty straight forward. We’re going to have two steps:

  1. copy over your preferences
  2. import your connections

Copying over your preferences

We store these in one of two places, depending on your Operating System.

For Windows:

C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer

For OSX and Linux:


The ‘tricksy’ thing here is that Windows will generally hide the AppData folder from you, and unless you use the -a flag on your ls command, *NIX won’t show you .directories.

You can copy over the whole darned thing…or you could just grab the SqlHistory and systemMajor.minor.X.Y.Z directory for the version of SQL Developer you want to copy your preferences over from.


Each of these system directories represents the settings I’ve stored for a different version of SQL Developer on my machine.


I just have the one, really old version of SQLDev on my VBOX 🙁

When I say ‘copy over’, I mean, just copy them over to your new machine, in the equivalent new directory for whatever USER you have been given on your machine. You could go cross OS I believe for the most part…but I’ve never tried this.

Migrating Connections

Start SQL Developer up on your new machine, and import your preferences (you’ll have a file from doing an Export on your old machine).

Right click on the connection tree – top bit of the tree that is

You’ll have to supply a password to protect your connection passwords, and supply this on your new machine.

Once you’ve done your import, your connections AND they’re associated folders and sub folders, will all come over.

By default we’ll have all the connections come in, but you can choose now to weed out the ones you don’t use anymore.

Where is version 19.2?

With QA. We found a last minute show-stopper, and combined with Summer vacations and conferences travel, it’s just taking a bit longer than usual to get things out-the-door. Doing another set of tests, and we’ll have your latest and greatest set of tools and ORDS out the door, ‘shortly.’

No more Java 8 if you don’t want to, but we’ll still support Java 8 if you need it.


I'm a Master Product Manager at Oracle for Oracle SQL Developer. My mission is to help you and your company be more efficient with our database tools.

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  1. Great advice I had not known the portability of the systemVERSION folder, I have been using the export/import connections and one other thing, export your User Defined reports.

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