The question came in on the usual channel (Twitter):

My answer was a ‘No, but…’

What you CAN do is instead of querying DBA_ or ALL_WHATEVER, in the Connections navigator, do this:

Instead of opening a single object, open ALL of them at once.

Well, we’re not opening all of them at once really, but we will get a report showing me all my tables, with some basic metadata attached.

Let’s look at Jon’s scenario: DISABLED SCHEDULER JOBS.

I’m filtering on the ENABLED column such that I only see the ‘FALSE’ rows, i.e. jobs not ENABLED.

I could also browse TABLEs this way, really almost anything on the connection tree. Let’s look at my 2nd favorite TREE node, REST Data Services:

Quick! Which one of my 32 REST modules aren’t published/available?

You can do this in the DBA panel, too.

I’ve shown this trick before – you can browse ADDM Snapshots by those that have ADDM Findings attached.

Sorry for the black bars, I screwed up the recording dimensions and I’m too lazy to re-cut.

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