A visual reminder of what those squiggle marks under your SELECT and * text means in SQL Developer’s Editors.

Clicking the text on either popup will replace your query in the editor with the new info.

Yes, I’ve talked about this before. But making animated GIFs are fun, and let’s face it, seeing something over and over again helps us learn new things!

The details:

Expanding the *.

Expanding the query itself.

TL;DR – This is a combo of SQL Developer version 4.1 and Oracle Database 12c, and the feature is SQL Text Expansion [DOCs]. Tom Kyte talks about it here.


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  1. I don’t have any other SQL in the Worksheet. The query runs file. This is all I have: SELECT * FROM DBA_DATA_FILES; Maybe it’s a permissions issue. I just tried it with one of my own views and then the SELECT keyword is underlined.

    • that could very well be it…if you glance at the log – statements panel, you can see where we’re making the call to get the code, you could try running it yourself to see what comes back, if anything

  2. Thanks for the tip. When I try it though, only the * is underlined, not the select. Is there some setting that I have to change? I’m using SQL Developer V19.1.0.094 against Oracle Database 12c.

    • No, it should be there, try running the query first or making sure there’s no invalid sql before or after that might be confusing the parser

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