Every year the Database teams sends a delegation of experts to the ODTUG KScope conference. This year (June 23-27, 2019) is no different – look at all these awesome database product managers, developers, and advocates scheduled to appear:

This isn’t even everyone, click the link for a full list!!

Core Training on Sunday for $599

We worked with ODTUG to make 1 day passes available. If you’re in the Seattle area, consider this deal:

  • 5 hours training
  • coffee, lunch, and snack
  • conference networking and welcome reception (apps & drinks)

If you look at the training the Database Team is delivering, you’ll see we’re covering ALL the basics from our best resources. We wanted to do CORE concepts, that would be good for the most basic 101 level attendee AND for the seasoned pro that might need some help filling in some knowledge gaps.

Connor McDonald will teach you how SQL works.

Folks, this guy is travelling from Perth, Australia to deliver this content. He’s one of our best, and most entertaining speakers, and he’s half the team behind AskTom.

Maria Colgan will teach you how to read an Explain Plan.

You may know Maria from such hit shows as, “I was the product manager for the Oracle Optimizer” and “Keynoting Conferences is my Middle Name.” She’s literally a living legend inside and outside the company.

Steven Feuerstein will teach you how to write good, performant PL/SQL.

I would say that Steven wrote the book on PL/SQL, but it was more like 8 books, and ALL of you probably have at least one of them on your shelf or in your digital library.

Steven still does PL/SQL and he runs our Database Advocates team, AND he’s trying to make the world a better place.

Blaine Carter will get you going quickly with delivery secure, RESTful access to your Oracle Database.

Blaine wow’d me at Open World this past year. I saw him do a soup-to-nuts full presentation, complete with Live Demo, for installing ORDS, publishing a service, and securing it with OAUTH2. And it was fun, and it captivated the audience. And he’s also pretty handy with a soldering iron, python, and a raspberry pi.

Oh, and I will do an hour to kick things off around database design and data modeling.

But that’s not it!

All learning and no play is a recipe for Zzzzz, no matter how good the content is. So, we’re also going to be doing a fun game show with lots of prizes in the afternoon to keep us going until they bring out the coffee again.


Need to catch up on Application Express (APEX)? Or how about BI & Analytics? Your one day pass covers all those symposium events as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be upset if you don’t spend at least SOME time with us.

One day not enough?

The event goes until Thursday, with lots of tracks to cover all the Oracle application development areas you’re looking for, plus lots of fun and networking involved as well. But, this is the first year you have the opportunity to invest in as little as a single day.

Google ‘database training costs.’ Now look at the $599. Now look at who is doing the training. You’re not going to top that.


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