Here’s an 8 minute video walk through of using INFO and DESC in Oracle SQLcl.

You can decide what works better for you – hey, maybe you’ll decide to use both!

  • INFO shows more info
  • INFO+ shows more info with more stats
  • You can INFO a package OR a package.procedure
The asterisk (*) denotes the Primary Key column(s) for the table.
Info, plus some stats.
Get a code block for an entire package or just a single procedure.


PS – I made this on my new rig

Mac Mini, 4k screen, but I filmed for 1080p resolution. I’m also using a new logitech mic/HD video camera. Please let me know if the fidelity is ‘good enough.’ I’ll probably never be as fancy as Connor, but I’m aiming to get better as I go 🙂


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  1. Hi Jeff, I enjoyed sqlcl very much while i could use it, but unfortunately that stopped several releases ago.
    Will 18.4 re-introduce sql.bat for those who need the tweaking it allowed ?

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