We’ve just released version 17.3 of Oracle REST Data Services – as an Early Adopter (BETA).

Go Download ORDS 17.3 Now.

There are 2 major new features, and this post is about one of those: Swagger/OpenAPI style JSON for /metadata_catalog/ calls.

Wait, why should I care about REST?

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It’s fairly simple. Navigate to the /metadata-catalog/ URI for your RESTful Service.

We don’t generate this for the Schema level catalog call – just on the actual service meta call.

Then copy this {…JSON…} over to something like Swagger.IO.

Once you paste it, say ‘Cancel’ on the popup dialog if you don’t want the JSON convereted to YAML – it’s up to you really.

Then start using the Swagger page.


But this isn’t just for looks – it’s also a REST Client!

Fill out your POST Body JSON stuff, hit Execute, and see what happens 🙂

Also note it happily gives you a CURL command you can use too!


Why Should I Care about REST?

I’m so happy you asked.

Go read this post in the current issue of UKOUG Scene.

Why would a DB person care about REST?

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  1. Hi Jeff, This is cool, but is there a way I can generate swagger spec for all of the REST API definitions that I created using my procs and functions in SQL Dev using ORDS?


    • How do you mean? Hit the /metadata-catalog/ endpoint for each Module you need the swagger for.

    • By how I mean – The /metadata-catalog and /open-api-catalog are coming up for my REST enabled tables. But for the REST modules, these URLs are giving me a 404 error!

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