One of the most viewed threads over the last 30 days in our OTN Community for SQL Developer is a post from 2010.


Wow, I says to myself – that’s gotta be interesting to a lot of folks, what is it?

It’s a question on how to find table or view columns. And the ‘correct’ answer is to use SQL. Which is of course the right answer, and was the right answer in 2010 and today.

But there’s a better answer, ESPECIALLY when you’re using a modern version of SQL Developer.

SQL Dev, The Movie II: The Search for More Columns

A Mel Brooks/Spaceballs reference…


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  1. “You are now our prisoner… and you will be held hostage until such time as all of the columns are transferred from your tables, to ours”.

    ~Spaceballs quote

    Thanks, Jeff, for the epic movie.

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