For this year’s Open World, SQL Developer got lots and lots of love from the conference organizers and keynote speakers. I think SQL Devleoper was mentioned, demoed, or both in at least 3 of the executive keynotes.

We had many successful, and FULL, hands on labs – led by the lovely Ashley Chen.

And our SQL Developer talks were in the top 10 most popular in the Database/Tools tracks. Some Steven Feuerstein guy beat me out by a bit, need to look him up…but anyways, in addition to being the ‘big boys room’ – our 3 main talks were also video recorded.

The recordings were done via Oracle University. However, you can stream them…for free! They should be available to non-subscribers later this afternoon – Friday, October 31, Eastern Time.

Those videos were made available this week and you can watch them on demand. Each are about 45 minutes long.

I had an issue getting the page to render right in Chrome, but seems good in IE...
I had an issue getting the page to render right in Chrome, but seems good in IE…

Those talks are:

  • What’s New in Oracle SQL Developer (and Data Modeler!) version 4.1
  • Oracle SQL Developer for the DBA
  • SQL Developer Tips & Tricks

I can’t stand to watch myself, much less hear my own voice, so give them a view and let me know what you think. If you enjoy a good bit of schadenfreude, stay through the end of the DBA talk to watch me stumble for about 5 minutes. Turns out I wasn’t connected to the right database, and I didn’t recover very gracefully. You can see that actual real time sql monitoring demo here.


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  1. Kevan Gelling Reply

    Useful presentation. And it’s available to all which is handy for those of us who couldn’t make it to Open World.

    No mention of Unit Test enhancements, though 🙁

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