sqldev30For the month of September 2014, I published a SQL Developer tip each day. September has 30 days, so that equated to 30 posts.

Now normally, I post anywhere from 1-3 posts a week. Going from that to 7 days a week meant a few things:

  • posts were going to be shorter – especially on the weekends
  • there was going to be some retreaded content – but I did try to give everything a fresh angle and update
  • there was going to be some clunkers

A few of you encouraged me to keep going. Um, no. Thirty was enough, thank you very much!

A few more of you asked me to post an index making them easier to go back through. And this is what this post is for. I’m adding it as a permanent ‘widget’ to the side of my page so you can find is easily going forward.


Day 1: Help with WHERE Clauses
Day 2: NLS Parameters
Day 3: Syntax Highlighting
Day 4: Statement Execution
Day 5: Connectivity Issues
Day 6: Try the Schema Browser
Day 7: The Array Fetch Size Preference
Day 8: Use the Cart to Build Deployment Scripts
Day 9: You Only Need to Run One Copy at a Time
Day 10: Compare Stuff Side By Side
Day 11: Tree Trimming
Day 12: Executing Script Output?
Day 13: Executing Very Large Scripts
Day 14: Opening Objects on Double-Click
Day 15: Reporting
Day 16: Comparing In-Memory Results with Autotrace
Day 17: Using SSH Tunnels
Day 18: NULLs
Day 19: Quick and Clean Table Copies
Day 20: See, Click, Goto Error Messages
Day 21: Executing Multiple Statements to Multiple Data Grids
Day 22: It’s All in the Font
Day 23: Invalid Objects
Day 24: Hiding Schemas That Don’t Own Anything
Day 25: Importing Partitioned Tables to a Data Model
Day 26: Keyboarding from the Editor to the Results and Back
Day 27: Oracle Open World
Day 28: The SQLDev Community
Day 29: Preferences Revisited
Day 30: Getting Your Data to the Web

Bonus 31st Tip!

Your prize for scrolling down this far and reading this post of posts? A new SQL Developer tip of the day 🙂

In version 4.0.3, we now support the EZCONNECT syntax.

Use this in your scripts as you see fit.
Use this in your scripts as you see fit.

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    This is a great post!

    I’m from Colombia and I would like to translate these tips (30) for share with my companions in the job and the class, so I want to ask you for your approval. I’ll share the result with you as soon as I finish it.


    • !por supuesto! Just let me know if you need anything. I only ask you reference the source material, and then let me know where it’s available, and I’ll link to it. And the folks in your class are welcome to send me any questions in English or Spanish.

    • Hi Jeff!!

      I have been some busy but I’d like that you check what I have now, where can I do it?


  2. Dude, I’m sure it was a big effort to create 30 posts for 30 days.
    Just wanted to make sure you know I deeply appreciate it.
    I love this tool and your blog is doing a great service for Oracle SQL Developer.

    • Thanks Yaniv! It didn’t get hard until the last week. Having Open World going on at the same time made it a bit fun 🙂

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