Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler (SDDM) is a free data modeling solution. It supports many types of modeling levels, including:

  • logical
  • relational
  • physical
  • (multi-)dimensional

When I present overviews on our database tools, I have this slide that shows what SDDM is capable of:

Today we're focusing on the 'yellow' one
Today we’re focusing on the ‘yellow’ one

I am not a real data modeler. However, I can fake my way pretty well through Logical and Physical modeling discussions and exercises. When it comes to the dimensional stuff, I tend to rely more on our lead developer, Philip, and our Oracle ACE Director Kent Graziano.

Philip has provided two excellent resources for you folks to learn more about dimensional modeling and to get more comfortable with it in SDDM.

The SlideDeck

A Sample Dimensional Model

In your SDDM install directory, navigate to the datamodeler\datamodeler\samples\Dimensional_model folder. In there, you’ll find a .ZIP – extract the contents of that, you’ll end up with ‘global11_demo.dmd’ Open that file, and you’ll see this:

Includes a PDF document that details how the model was built.
Includes a PDF document that details how the model was built.


Fire away! But please do so on our SDDM product forum on OTN. Philip and Kent are there, as well as many of our other users and developers.


I'm a Distinguished Product Manager at Oracle. My mission is to help you and your company be more efficient with our database tools.


  1. Christian Rackerseder Reply

    Hi Jeff,
    I am going through your set of post regarding data modeler.
    Here the slide deck is not accessible (running Win10 + IE | FF_V60).
    (There is only some white space below the header.)
    But the embedde Link is ok.
    Maybe I have some blocking component that I am not aware of but you might want to
    for yourself.

    Regards Christian

    • Christian Rackerseder

      sorry sorry sorry, just saw that FF and IE in seldom seen harmonious behaviour blocked the embeded content
      because it is classified as unsecure.
      The icon pointing out this is very well camouflaged ie not highlighted.

    • Fixed! And thanks for the heads-up! SlideShare changed something or browsers became more secure, or the world is conspiring against me…

  2. Hello !
    Please i need a help , how can i create a star schema in developer sql data modeler.

  3. Recently I found that JDeveloper has good data modeling and looks very similar to SQL Developer IDE which I’m using the most.

    Is is SQL Developer integrated in JDeveloper?
    Can be dimensional model design in JDeveloper ?

    What is main differences between JDeveloper Database template and SQL developer?

    • the modeling bits in JDeveloper are different than in SQL Developer. However, all of the database features in JDeveloper come from SQL Developer, as an extension.

      If you want to do business process modeling, then JDeveloper is probably the way to go. If you are going to be doing anything that leads to an Oracle Database, then I would say give us a try.

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