As you may have heard, Oracle Database 12c is now available. In addition to the binaries and docs going out, we also published a few new Oracle By Example (OBE) chapters. You can find those links here on our product page.

Do you know who found these, practically the minute they were published? An enterprising DBA-extraordinaire who was just happening to be presenting at the ODTUG KScope13 conference in New Orleans. He thought it would be a good idea to download the new software over a hotel WIFI, install and create a new multitenant database, watch a few OBEs, and then demo that live for his ‘SQL Developer for DBAs‘ session.

Pretty crazy, right?

Well, he did it, and I was there to watch.

Way cool.

You can listen to @leight0nn tell his story in his own words via this ODTUG interview with @oraclenered.

In case you’re too giddy to sit through the video, I’ll give you a preview – he succesfully cloned a pluggable database in about a minute with only a couple of clicks using Oracle SQL Developer while connected to a 12c database.


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  1. Can any help me i am a new user…..and i installed oracle 12c and how can make a simple database any example ,please sir
    i am waiting for your reply

  2. @Jeff, any luck fixing the open cursors issue in Reports view? Latest 3.2 branch still spills cursors if you open too many reports.

    • No but I’ve seen on the forums that it has already been reported to sqldev’s bug tracker. You say nobody is looking into this yet?

    • I’m not saying that. I’m saying I’m not intimately familiar with that bug and will have to look it up. If you had the forum link or BugID, it would be easier for me to check…

  3. Hi Jeff

    You are late with sqldeveloper 4. It should be announced together with Oracle database 12C. Can you make it ?
    All community is waiting :o) .


    • All 12c support and feature exploitation is already in SQL Developer 3.2. That being said, I understand the community is waiting for v4 of SQL Developer. It will happen 🙂

    • Mette Stephansen

      Hmmm … a simple feature like this goes wrong:

      function moms2 (p_tal number) return number
      return p_tal*0.25;
      select moms2(200) from dual;

      —- Works perfectly in TOAD 🙂

    • SQL*Plus is our gold standard, however we fail by that measuring stick as well.

      This was identified and fixed for our next release, which you’ll see shortly. Thanks for the heads-up though, Mette!

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