Just a quick post today and then probably not much more until next week. Speaking, running hands on labs, meets and greets, and trying to keep up with folks like @oraclenerd means I won’t have much time to write until I get home from San Francisco.

Wanted to give a quick shout out to my co-worker and partner-in-Product Management-crime, Ashley Chen this morning. She signed me up for a run across the Golden Gate and back with @bamcgill a few months ago…mostly with my permission. The only thing was, I didn’t run at the time, and that’s basically a 5k.

But having goals is good. And yesterday I met a big goal of mine – not looking stupid trying to run across the Golden Gate Bridge. Ok, I did the run and mabye looked a little bit stupid.

Ashley, Barry, and I Pre-Run

Perfect weather and no fog to cloud the view!

So the pre-show fun is over and now it’s time for the show fun to begin.

At Oracle Open World?

Come by our demo pods. We’re with the other Database folks in the back right-hand corner. We’ll have folks on hand to talk and show Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, Migrations, and Oracle APEX Listener.

Oracle SQL Developer Demo Pod

I have the full schedule of SQL Developer presentations and hands on labs here.

I know there’s a lot of news on tap this week in the world of Oracle, and we’ll start talking more about it soon. So be sure to subscribe to my feed if you don’t want to miss any of my posts. And I promise not to post any more pictures me. Speaking of pictures, thanks to @dmcghan – or as I call him, ‘Dan the Man’ for running with us and being our official portrait photographer! If you don’t follow him, he’s a great fountain of knowledge in the Oracle APEX world and is one of our ACEs.


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