Want multiple scratch pads for your queries? Have a hundred+ line stored procedure? Then here are two tips for you!

Side-by-Side Worksheets
To get started you’ll need at least two worksheets open. So something like this

This is annoying!

Next, you can either click and drag the 2nd worksheet tab to the right or underneath. If you drag right you will get something like this –

This is divine!

If you’re having problems getting the panel to drop just as you want it to, you can cheat. Right-mouse-click on the worksheet panel label and choose ‘New Editor Tab Group.’

Split editor PL/SQL Editor
This is very similar. Instead of having 2 independent editors, we have one block of text available from two different editor panels. So if you have the proverbial 1,000 line Trigger, you can keep one editor panel set to the top where all of your declarative code is, and another down where you are working on the ‘bug.’ To ‘split’ the editor, you need to find the little horizontal bar above where the scroll area is and drag it down. So looks a little something like this:

PL/SQL Editor, Do a Split!

If you drag correctly, you should get something like this

2 Editors, One Object

Bonus Tip! Preview text in the scroll bar before you scroll!

Scroll bars are nice, but wouldn’t it be even nicer if you could tell where you were going to land before you went there? If you hold down Ctrl and mouse down in the scroll bar, you can see the text for that area before scrolling to that part of the editor. This works both in the Worksheet and the PL/SQL editors.

Preview the text at different scroll bar areas

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  1. how do i undo splitting the editor ? T-T send help i’ve split it into 16 different sections and idk how to undo it. My unhelpful textbook just says “drag the screen to the respective split” but I cant drag anything aaaaa how do you unsplit the editor….

  2. Hi, is it possible to have also query window and result window split vertically? Thanks.

    • Any change this can be added in a future version? 🙂

    • Our framework doesn’t make this easy…or even possible.

      Long term, having this built into SQL Developer Web or in next-gen version of SQLDev for the desktop would be cool.

    • change=chance in my previous comment.. this is probably my most common typo 😀

  3. Hey, how can I do ‘Unsplit’ on only one of splitted worksheets? I.e. I have done ‘Split Horizontally’ twice then have three worksheets now. But I wish to stay with two. If I do simply ‘Unsplit’ it will remove all two and get back to default view of one worksheet.

    • I don’t think you can – you’d have to start over.

      And are you on an older copy of SQLDev? Split SQL Worksheets aren’t currently supported.

  4. Trying the last tip “Ctrl + Mouse Down” in 4.1… it just appears to move the scroll position (like a normal click)

    Leaves a little “line” in the gutter which I can then hover on, but by that stage I’ve already navigated to that area.

    Am I doing something wrong ?


    • rob kirkpatrick

      Actually the feature is there ( in at least ) but not in the actual scrollbar – on the gutter just to the side of the scrollbar. Also it’s ctrl + mouseover (no mousedown or drag – just move the mouse)

    • rob kirkpatrick

      (You’ll have to try it in 4.1 to be sure of course)

    • The document splitting feature isn’t available for the SQL Worksheet UNTIL you get to version 4.0. And then, the output panels tend to get confused as you execute things between the ‘splits.’

      Read about it here.

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