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SQL Developer: Describe versus Ctrl+Click to Open Database Objects

In yesterday’s post I talked about you could use SQL Developer’s Describe (SHIFT+F4) to open a PL/SQL Package at your cursor. If you actually try to describe the package as you see it in the above screenshot, you’ll get an error: I neglected to say in yesterday’s post that I was highlighting the package name […]

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Using DEBUG Mode in Oracle SQL Developer to Log SQL

Curious how we’re getting the data you see in SQL Developer when you click on something? While many of the dialogs provide a ‘SQL’ panel that shows you the SQL ABOUT to be generated, I’d rather see the SQL AS it’s executed. True, you could set a TRACE or fire up a Monitor Sessions report, […]

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SQLDev Trick: SHIFT+Hover to Peek Into a Stored Proc

I’m poking around an unfamiliar schema or environment. I’m not sure what these procedures do. I could open them, but I’m lazy and I don’t want the tool to open another document/window. The ‘mystery’ code: These programs are self-documenting as they have the most awesome names ever! I’m guessing that one package will blast my […]

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