You know how every TV show has to have that Christmas themed episode? No? Well, in the US, it’s pretty common.

And as a child of the 80’s television, my brain has been properly warped.

So here is your Christmas themed SQL Developer ‘trick.’

Every look under the tree, and your first reaction is to be a little disappointed in the number or shape of packages left for you?

This is a lame joke, Jeff. Yes, I know, and we’re also talking to ourselves, again

Have a SPEC but No Body?

Let’s say you like to code up your packages by doing up all specifications FIRST.

So, do that.

And then, you can do this.

Right-click, Sync Spec and Body

This will look for a body, and add what’s necessary. Or if there IS no body, it will generate one for you.

Ta-da! You still have to write the actual code-code though.

Or, maybe you go the other way around.

You like to take lots of standalone procs and functions and consolidate them into an existing package, so you start with the BODY first.

Ok, so we have a partial spec…but two of my procedures need added.

Almost there, and I’m too lazy to copy and paste X times…i just wanna click!

So click, and then pick what you want to merge over.

All of them!

And then voila.

And there’s the rest of our package members.

See those little arrows in the gutter? If you click on them, you’ll auto-navigate to their spec/body counterpart.

I promise better and MORE SQL Developer Christmas presents, SOON!

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  1. Well you do have a beer_tap under your tree. I would be pretty happy if I received one of those!

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