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Managing User & Role Security with Oracle SQL Developer

With the advent of SQL Developer v3.0, users have had access to some powerful database administration features. Version 3.1 introduced more powerful features such as an interface to Data Pump and RMAN. Today I want to talk about some very simple but frequently ran tasks that SQL Developer can assist with, like: identifying privs granted […]

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Protecting Users from Themselves

This is turning out to be a bit harder to write than I orginially thought. I generally land in the laissez-faire camp, and I know what you’re thinking: “Jeff, we didn’t come here to read French!” Sorry about that, bad habits picked up from 4 years of public education instruction. In terms of American politics, […]

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After a year of blogging and living out loud on Twitter, I have started to build a nice network and community. One of the people in my new network is Martin Berger (blog | Twitter). Earlier this week, Martin responded to my Toad Challenge with a question about ‘Before Select Triggers’ (conversation) So let’s get […]

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RANT: Database Security Should Be Handled by the Database

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me to help them setup their database application or utility to not ‘let someone do something in the database they are not supposed to do’ over the past 10 years, I would literally have about $347. This is generally how it goes: Them: We want […]

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