Oracle SQL Developer Code Reports

It’s so much more fun to watch users demo and brag about your software than it is to get up and do it yourself. For one thing, it means a lot more coming from real people than it does coming from someone PAID to talk it up. Today, about 40 of us in Raleigh/Durham watched […]

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30 SQL Developer Tips in 30 Days, Day 20: See, Click, Goto Error Messages

This question comes up very frequently: Why can’t I see my compilation errors when I’m working with PL/SQL? Because you are either: using the wrong editor, or not asking to see the errors SQL Developer is the PL/SQL IDE for the database. So we obviously need to have those ‘fancy’ IDE features like a debugger, […]

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Oracle SQL Developer v4.0: Breadcrumbs

Hansel and Gretel are in the forest and don’t want to get lost, so Gretel leaves a trail of white pebbles to mark their way. In future adaptations of this Bros. Grimm story, the white pebbles have become ‘breadcrumbs.’ So what does this have to do with SQL Developer? When working with large bits of […]

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An Oracle Designer Feature: Generating Table APIs with Oracle SQL Developer

Have you heard of Oracle Designer? Perhaps you even still use it? Designer incorporates support for business process modeling, systems analysis, software design and system generation. I don’t want to get you too excited, because this technology is being phased out. You can read the official statement of direction here, but but going forward we’re […]

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Quick Outline: Navigating Your PL/SQL Packages in Oracle SQL Developer

If you’re browsing your packages using the Connections panel, you have a nice tree navigator to click around your packages and your variable, procedure, and functions. But What if you drill into your PL/SQL source from the worksheet and don’t have the Tree expanded? Let’s say you’re working on your script, something like – So […]

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