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Database Driver’s License

Do you just hand your keys to whoever wants access to your car or your house? Why do so with your database? Just because someone wants to look at ‘your’ data, doesn’t mean you have to let them in without asking a few questions, right? While the person won’t be driving your car, they’ll be […]

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After a year of blogging and living out loud on Twitter, I have started to build a nice network and community. One of the people in my new network is Martin Berger (blog | Twitter). Earlier this week, Martin responded to my Toad Challenge with a question about ‘Before Select Triggers’ (conversation) So let’s get […]

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I Just Wanna Connect to Oracle!

I have had quite a few SQL Server folks tell me their first experience with Oracle (database) was a very bad one. It’s easy to understand why. Microsoft makes it very easy to connect to SQL Server from a Windows OS. If you have installed SQL Server on your machine, you also get a very […]

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ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

Don't ignore the warning signs. This crash was completely avoidable.

My database crashed today. My ‘production’ database that is. The one I rely on for product demonstrations, that thing I do that Quest gives me money for. Pretty funny considering in the last few weeks my blogs have included such gems as: Are You a Real DBA – I argue that you are indeed NOT […]

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Toad Jobs

A lot of good news this week about jobs here in the United States and a bunch of new hires for the month of April has many people feeling much better about the US economy. After being hammered with depressing reports for the past two years, it’s very nice to see the pendulum swing in […]

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Are you a real DBA?

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize there was such a thing as a ‘fake’ DBA Jeff! Ok, so labeling someone as a ‘real’ DBA is a bit insulting to DBAs everywhere. If you have children, that makes you a parent. If you are responsible for a database, then you are a DBA. So what exactly am […]

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My Oracle is broken, can you fix it?

“Look for things that make them go!” – from ST:TNG, “Samaritan Snare” (Wiki) I have a tendency to relate everything in life back to a Star Trek or South Park episode – it’s a personal problem and I’m currently in therapy, courtesy my DVR. But back to Oracle… How often have you been asked to […]

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Oracle XE: Xtra-Awesome Edition (FREE)

Did you know you can run Oracle RDBMS for free? Updated on 11/25/2011 – 11gR2 now available for Windows x32 and Linux x64 Yes, there are limitations (fine print), but just about anyone can take advantage of this offering. So, why should you care? Maybe you are a developer, and your DBA refuses to grant […]

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SQL Server VS Oracle: Index Monitoring

Jealousy is not an emotion I generally feel for the SQL Server technology stack. I covet their Twitter camaraderie, but I ‘know’ that Oracle can counter just about anything thrown at it. People that Helped Me with this Post I was reminded that even old dogs can be taught new tricks while monitoring the #SQLSaturday […]

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