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Code Completion Insight with Oracle SQL Developer

Most third generation language (3GL) IDEs have trained hackers like me to expect the tool to write some of the code for them. Regular internet folks are already used to having search terms and URLs auto-completed in their browsers. I don’t want to get into a debate over whether this makes us lazier AND dumber, […]

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Free Beer or How to Get Free Demo Data from iTunes

Are you sick and tired of playing with the same sample data? Do you shudder at even the mention of the name, ‘Scott?’ First of all, if you’re still using SCOTT, you should try out HR instead. And if you want some beefier tables and need to experiment with partitioning, then SH is the way […]

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Click AND Type your Queries with the Integrated Query Builder

I was perusing the SQL Developer Feature Requests Exchange and was not surprised to see this – a request to have the Query Builder disabled. My favorite (and most predictable) comment among the voters for this request is something along the lines of ‘feature totally useless for us professionals’ Let’s explore that for a second. […]

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Day 1: Give me a keep-alive button!

In case you’re curious, I’m calling yesterday ‘Day 0′ as it was spent doing trivial things like getting email setup. Today I feel like was closer to a real day of work. I spent a few hours this afternoon going over some request from the users. One stuck out pretty prominently – ‘Keep-alive functionality’ The […]

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Day 0: In the beginning…

…there were email and VPN accounts. Had my first conference call, complete with desktop sharing. Direct deposit and tax forms are out of the way. Everyone (I think) is remote, so instant messaging is one of the preferred communication methods. Looks like we’ll have a chance to meet in person for a team meeting outside […]

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My New Gig

The good folks at Oracle, namely @krisrice, approached me this past Summer with an offer I found myself unable to refuse. The short version would be something like, ‘Hey, come join our SQL Developer team.’ So next week, I will start the next chapter of my professional life as the Product Manager for Oracle’s primary […]

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Oracle: Move Table to new Schema and Tablespace

A Toad user posed this question today: Is there a way to move a (marked) TABLE mytable123 from Tablespace AAA and Schema BBB to another Tablespace USERS and Schema MYSCH? Let’s tackle the 2nd and easiest part first! Moving a table or partition to a new tablespace is pretty straightforward: ALTER TABLE table_name MOVE TABLESPACE […]

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What’s Your Favorite IDE for PL/SQL Programming?

I stumbled upon an interesting discussion in the ODTUG group on LinkedIn this weekend. A vendor is doing some research I suppose and wanted to know who enjoyed using what IDE and why. Here’s the original question: In your opinion which is the best IDE for PL/SQL programming and why? e.g. PL/SQL Developer, Toad, Oracle […]

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Can’t See the Trees for the Forest

Yes, I know – the phrase is actually supposed to be the opposite, “Can’t See the Forest for the Trees.” One of the reasons English is such a hard second language to pick up apparently is all the idioms and non-literal phrases we use. So in case you’ve never heard this phrase before, it basically […]

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Finding Tables Having Columns of Specific Datatypes

I frequently need to find a table in a particular SCHEMA, or even just anywhere in the database, that stores data of a specific datatype. This generally happens when a customer asks me, ‘Hey, does Toad support the ANYDATA|LONG RAW|CLOB|BLOB datatype?’ So I decide to find said table and just show them what the application […]

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Oracle’s Append Hint – Faster INSERTs But Mind the Logging!

In yesterday’s post, I posed a question: What Hint Do You See Over or Misused? Gary (Twitter) responded with With APPEND the rows are written directly to the datafiles and are not logged. If the DBA doesn’t know that unlogged changes are being made then whatever recovery plans they have may be useless when it […]

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