View – Recent Objects will show you a list of objects you have click into via the explorer. If you need to keep a diary of objects you’ve messed with for the day, then this might do the trick. No, it doesn’t track what you did to the objects, but it does leave some bread crumbs for you to snack on later.

You can invoke the object action lists directly from the panel, or if you click on the object name, it will open the detail page for you, just like a bookmark.

The objects are identified by name and also show the object type via icon. If you are looking at an object from a schema outside the logon user, then the name is prefixed with the owner.

Quickly interact with or navigate to objects browsed recently.

Combine This with the Object Nav Toolbar Buttons for Maximum Navigation Efficiency

Yes, this still works in 2018 – 7 years after I originally wrote this post πŸ™‚

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  1. Jeff, Is there a way to persist to recent object list between different sessions? It appears to be cleared out when I close SQL Dev, it wold be really hand to have the option to keep these around longer.

  2. Nice but I can’t drag them to my deployment cart from there. At least not in 3.1 EA1. I’ll get round to downloading EA2 eventually. Typically the day before it gets superseded.

    • JeffS

      Yeah, drag-n-drop isn’t plugged into the History list items (yet?), sounds like a good idea for the exchange!

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