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Ask Tom…and Chris and Connor

If there is a Madonna or Prince in the Oracle Database world, that would be Tom. You know, people that are known solely by their first name. Of course there’s also Larry, but from a pure database tech perspective, Tom has satiated the curiosity of developers and DBAs for the past couple of decades. If […]

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SQLDev at Oracle Open World 2016

It’s already almost that time of year again. Which means I need to let you know what you can expect from our team at the world’s largest Oracle event – Oracle Open World. Sessions start on Sunday, September the 18th – but the fun with our team starts on Saturday morning. Kris Rice and I […]

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All Things SQL Developer at Oracle Open World 2015

It’s that time of year again: planning for our biggest customer and user event, Oracle Open World. I recently shared some advice for getting the most out of your conference experience, here’s a 2 minute video: One of the bits there I suggested was to mark one or two sessions a day that you might […]

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How to Survive, no, Thrive at Oracle Open World

These are just my opinions, and I don’t speak on behalf of my employer. On the Facebookers this morning, noticed one of my friends was contemplating coming out to San Francisco this year to join approximately 50,000 other Oracle and Java-heads for Java One and Oracle Open World. I’m not going to try to sell […]

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Videos: Oracle Open World 2014 SQL Developer Talks

For this year’s Open World, SQL Developer got lots and lots of love from the conference organizers and keynote speakers. I think SQL Devleoper was mentioned, demoed, or both in at least 3 of the executive keynotes. We had many successful, and FULL, hands on labs – led by the lovely Ashley Chen. And our […]

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SQL Developer at Oracle Open World 2014

Oracle Open World is just around the corner. Every year, tens of thousands of Oracle geeks gather in San Francisco for a week for learning, networking, and more than a little bit of fun and socializing. If you’re going to be there, here’s what you need to know about your favorite development tools team 🙂 […]

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