It’s already almost that time of year again. Which means I need to let you know what you can expect from our team at the world’s largest Oracle event – Oracle Open World.

Sessions start on Sunday, September the 18th – but the fun with our team starts on Saturday morning. Kris Rice and I will be corralling folks to a scenic bike ride of the Bay lead by PL/SQL Product Manager extraordinaire Bryn Llewellyn. It’s a tremendous amount of fun, and a great way to see a ton of the scenery.

Get the biggest bang for your OOW buck - network and make new friends.
Get the biggest bang for your OOW buck – network and make new friends.

Sunday morning, we’re also leading an un-official 5K jaunt across ‘the Bridge’ and back. Yes, that Bridge. Anyone and everyone are welcome to attend these events – if only to get you outside of the Moscone for a few hours 🙂 San Francisco is more than just a convention hall, after-all. And you’ll feel less guilty about those mid-session cookies and happy hour beverages.

One last thing – no need to be a serious biker or runner. Folks from all skill and fitness levels attend, and it’s a great way to become more involved and apart of the community.

ORACLENERD is also hosting the 5th Annual Swim in the Bay, Monday morning.


Yes, we’ll actually be working some during the week. Well, we’ll be working. You’ll be attending and learning and participating in sessions, labs, and open hours at the Exhibitor’s Hall.

Our Talks…

SQL Developer Tips & Tricks [CON6515]
What’s New in SQLcl and SQL Developer and Data Modeler [CON6514]
Oracle REST Data Services 101: Getting Started and Best Practices [CON6517]
Modern Database Development Tooling for the Cloud and On-Premises [CON6516]
Why Use REST? Transform Your Oracle Database into a RESTful API Service [CON6519]

Not our talks per se, but must-attend sessions you may find interesting…

  • SQLcl: A Modern Command Line Interface to the Oracle Database [UGF5641]
  • Design Your Databases Using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler [CON2120]

The two presenters, Heli and Galo, are amazing contributors to the community and are excellent speakers. In addition, Heli wrote ‘the book’ when it comes to data modeling with SQL Developer.

Browse the Session Catalog

Stay tuned for more details, but our sold-out hands on lab series last year for Oracle REST Data Services will be available this year too. When the labs are published, be sure to sign up QUICK!

The Demo Grounds
This is your chance to talk to the developers, product managers, and experts for your favorite technologies and products. SQL Developer, SQL Developer Data Modeler, SQLcl, and Oracle REST Data Services will all be represented. Stop by and share your experiences, attend a quick demo, or just introduce yourself. We love to hear what our customers are doing out in the field and to learn what we can do better.


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