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Just because you’re in a command line interface doesn’t mean you’re stuck with ugly code!

Wait, if it’s my code, you’re stuck with ugly code.

But if it’s YOUR code, then you’re not stuck with poorly formatted code.

You can of course use the FORMAT command to format what’s in a file or in the SQLcl buffer.

I don’t like the formatter default settings!

Have no fear.

Load up the GUI.


Set your preferences.

Save them.

Set it and forget it?

Go back to SQLcl, load the formatter rules.

remember, you have HELP for each command and for each SET[ting] in SQLcl!

Before the format…

I want leading commas!

Ok, let’s format that.

Most of you will hate this formatting scheme.


Note I did with this the latest copy of SQLcl – updated just LAST WEEK – and a pre-production version of version 4.2 of SQL Developer which you folks will be able to get access to later this year.

Here’s SQLcl using formatter settings applied from EA2, so that SHOULD work for those of you using the EA.

My code’s not ugly, YOUR code is ugly 🙂

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  1. Hi,
    In SQL Developer there are two files related to formatting. One is XML from advanced option and another is custom formatting with file extension prg. How to set both if I have modified advanced format and custom format as well?

    Thanks Robert

    1. thatjeffsmith Post

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