Aligning Objects in your Data Modeler Diagrams

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Kris (no, not THAT Kris) asks…

Is there some sort of ruler that is built into this software? If not, is there some way to select a table and then specify X and Y coordinates so that I can top left align all of the diagrams that I’m creating. Currently, I am zooming in and switching between diagrams to top left align them but I feel that there has to be a better way to do this. Thanks in advance for the help.

Step One: Enable the Grid

Right-click, Show Grid.

This will give you, not a ruler, but a viewable set of coordinates, so it’s easier to align objects.

If Hansel and Gretel did data modeling...

If Hansel and Gretel did data modeling…

Maybe this is a little easier to see on the innerwebs:

This might still be tedious, so…

…let’s say I want to move up the top line of objects ‘up’ a few pixels. But I want to do it all at once, and I want to keep them at EXACTLY the same vertical level.

Multi-select, and then ctrl+drag+drop.


Kent to the Rescue!

Oracle ACE Director Kent Graziano reminds me to tell you about the Edit > Align feature.

Select your objects, and then go to the edit menu and select the appropriate align operation.

Move 'em on up...

Move ’em on up…

and the after:

Thanks Kent!

Thanks Kent!

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