Stop Doing That! – In Oracle SQL Developer

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One of the coolest bits of The Matrix, was the ability for the main characters to ‘download’ new skills or objects into their virtual reality. Like Neo could learn Kung-Fu with a simple button click.

Today, I want all of you to take the (Oracle) Red Pill, and download your SQLDev knowledge pack.

These are things that I see people doing ‘the hard way.’ After just a few minutes or reading (ha ha, more like you scrolling looking for pictures), you too will be a black belt in SQLDev and ready to take on any Agents of wasted time and clicks.

Firing up another copy of the app

If this one sounds familiar, that’s because I already talked about it. Here.

Basically, either use unshared worksheets or colored connections – and I bet this will make 90% of you that much happier.

Scrolling through the tree every time you want to open an object.

Ctrl-click to it, or use the search
to get to your table/view/proc/whatever, faster.

Select, alt+g, and 'Go' :)

Select, alt+g, and ‘Go’ :)

Copying and pasting data to Excel

Um, we have this Export feature that can do that for you?

Just right-click on the data grid and say ‘Export,’ then pick your format. Too many clicks? Build a SPOOL around your SELECT, and add the format of your choice, a la

SELECT /*csv*/ first_name, last_name, salary, department_id FROM hr.employees;

Writing queries from scratch, every time.

Start with the history first. And if you use it enough, promote it to a SQL Template or Report.

Using *’s in your SELECTs

Writing it is easy. Supporting it later, just sucks. If you want all the columns, write out all the columns. But at least do it the easy/lazy way.

Ahhh, better.

Ahhh, better.

Putting DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE all over your PL/SQL

for ad hoc debugging!
We have a debugger. Use it. No more hacking up your code to see where you are and what X is equal to.

Had to add the italicized text, thanks to Tim for reminding me to be a bit more specific in my chiding 🙂

Using the Create Table Dialog

Don’t hack up a table. Design it in the Modeler. Then generate the DDL, and run it in SQL Developer.

Putting a Windows VM on your Mac so you can work with Oracle

First of all, you can run SQL Dev native on your Mac. Secondly, you can also run our VirtualBox appliance if you really need a copy of the database on your Mac too.

I like to rename it here, so I know what version I'm opening when I access it from the Dock

I like to rename it here, so I know what version I’m opening when I access it from the Dock

Copying and pasting your code out to your favorite text editor.

Don’t do that. I mean, use your favorite editor. But don’t copy & paste – setup the external editor and make it auto-magic.


Yes, I know you will have many valid reasons for doing all of these things. And they are all valid. In which case, this post wasn’t for you. But for everyone else, stop it.


Some of you aren’t putting in foreign keys for your related tables. There’s no good reason not use foreign keys.

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