Oracle SQL Developer version 4.1 Early Adopter Now Available

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Go get it.

Then come back here and read a couple of things.

  • it REQUIRES Java 8
  • it’s not production ready – send feedback to the Forum not to Support

Two new features to help you get started.

SQL Formatting in the Worksheet

Like the /csv/ formatting ‘hints’ you can add to your statements? Well now, you can just toggle that output mode for an entire session.



You ‘unset’ the formatting by using the ‘set sqlformat’ command with no arguments. So if you want to spool 3 queries out to files, now you can set the format once, and not muck with your queries at all. And if you want to automate that via an OS script, keep reading 🙂

File Dialogs

Exporting the same file to Excel, over and over again?

Most of the file open and save dialogs will allow you to re-open or re-save file names/directories. This is going to save you a LOT of time – we hope!

Note the drop-down control on the file-picker

Note the drop-down control on the file-picker

There’s More, Much More

Be sure to also follow Kris’ blog. We’ll have a lot to talk about over the next few months. He’s quite excited about this font stuff, and pretty colors you can do up in a command prompt now. So expect lots on that from him.

Next I’ll talk about one of the most popular features in the tool, and how we enhanced the workflow to make it faster and automatable – loading Excel and delimited data to Oracle using SQL Developer.

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