data-modeler-200-2368789We have a new version of SQL Developer Data Modeler for you to check out – version 4.1. It’s an ‘EA’ – or early adopter. So, no official support – all feedback should be provided via the OTN Forum/Community.

It requires Java 8. If you see a message about not supporting Java 8 – ignore that and just click ‘OK.’

You can read all about it and download it here.

I’ll be blogging about the new features in the upcoming days, but let’s cover a small feature right away…

Inserting Images into your Diagrams

Pretty simple really. Toggle the picture button on the toolbar. Click in the diagram where you want it. Provide the picture. If you export the diagram to a PDF or Image, it will be included.

I would reccommend you size the picture for your diagram first. Although you can resize it in the diagram directly, it won’t necessarily scale as well as if you did it in a proper image editor.

Meta...or you could say I'm documenting the the tooling used to build the diagram :)
Meta…or you could say I’m documenting the the tooling used to build the diagram πŸ™‚

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  1. Will we see 4.1 SQL Developer in our stocking? πŸ™‚ desperate for the ability to automate a import using sdcli so we can preserve the exact formatting of the end users in excel (for legal reasons). Can you tell us if the target date is in 2014 ?

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