Resetting the Oracle SQL Developer Desktop in v4.0

Can’t get your SQL History or Snippets panel to open? Before version 4.0, we would frequently advise users to close SQL Developer, go into their user settings folder and delete the’windowinglayout.xml’ file and then restart SQL Developer.

This would force SQL Developer to re-create the desktop view and bring everything back to the defaults.

That’s annoying and it should be easier.

So in version v4.0, you can simply ask SQL Developer to re-sort itself.

This will reset all of the panels and docking positions.

This will reset all of the panels and docking positions.

I realize this is a very short post, and I feel that I’ve cheated you a bit, so here’s a bonus, if completely unrelated tip:

Bonus Tip: Find DB Object Search Results Easier to Read

Based on some feedback, we added a little tweak for the newly designed Find DB Object in version 4.0. In the next EA drop, you’ll be able to quickly expand and collapse the schemas and object type tree nodes. So if you’re searching across 20 schemas, you can quickly see which ones have ‘hits’ and dive into exactly what you want to inspect.

Just right-click on either a schema or object type node and choose the collapse or expand option.

Yes, right-click to the rescue, again.

Yes, right-click to the rescue, again.

Yes, I’m talking about things you don’t have access to yet. Yes, we’re working on another EA update for version 4.0. No, I can’t tell you when it will be out. Soon.

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