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  1. Jean-Pierre Ebacher
    August 5, 2014

    Hi Jeff!

    I have a very particular case. In my project, I have my regular tables in a specific schema. However, some tables are also used in another schema for simulations. I cannot assign two schemas for the same table. The only way I can work this around is by creating two relational models with the specific set of tables for each of them. Is there any other way to do this?


    • thatjeffsmith
      August 6, 2014

      Copy and paste the table in your diagram, then go into the properties, assign the new schema and rename the copied_v1 to the original name.

  2. jorge
    October 8, 2014

    Thaks!!! was very useful for me.

    greetings from Colombia :)

  3. Steve Griffith
    October 22, 2014

    I am trying to Import from Data Dictionary – and it works exactly as you describe for one particular database that I use (Oracle 11g), I see all the schemas and objects in them. However, there is a second database (also Oracle 11g) that I routinely connect to but I don’t see any schemas when I try to Import from Data Dictionary. If I connect in SQL Developer I can see tables in the object browser and I have SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE permissions granted, and in Data Modeler I can also connect to it no problem (“Test Connection” succeeds), but the Select Schema/Database list is empty in the wizard. Is there some other permission that our DBA has to grant me to see the schemas listed in that database? Thanks!

  4. John
    November 6, 2014

    Hi Jeff,

    I am using this to document a SQL database, but when I import objects into the model, it prefixes the schema name with the database name. This in general is fine since I just go in and rename the schema name to its actual name. The problem comes when I go to compare the model with the database to bring in updates. Since the schema name in the model no longer matches the import, everything shows up as different. Any way to not have the database name prefixed to the schema name during the import?


    • thatjeffsmith
      November 6, 2014

      Is this for SQL Server?

      • John
        November 6, 2014

        Yes. MS SQL Server.

  5. Christophe
    December 5, 2014

    hi Jeff,

    In my project, I have several schema instances who have same tables. But when I want to apply updates I made from instance 1, Data modeler wants to create all tables on instance 2.
    Have you an idea ?

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