Why I Don’t Follow You

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That IS the question.

A quick disclaimer: I was inspired to write this post after reading AmberIsMe‘s take on why she doesn’t read your blog.

It’s not personal. Actually, it is a little personal. That is the point of social media after all, right?

Building personal relationships with folks you admire that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to in ‘real life’

Don’t let me put words in your mouth, but that’s one of the primary reasons I spend a LOT of time on Twitter.

I don’t know why people follow me on Twitter, and I can only tell you why I follow people. I’m guessing you are a bit more interested in hearing why I DO NOT follow you. I mean, you took the time to hit the ‘follow’ button. You and I both know it only takes half a second for someone to return the courtesy. Why the public disrespect?

You are not giving me a good reason to follow you.

Following me is a reason, but not a good one. If I followed everyone who followed me I would have a very hard time being able to ‘keep up.’ I spend a lot of time on Twitter, and I expect and demand that said time not be wasted. Sometimes I’ll take a gamble and follow someone ‘on a hunch’, but it’s not very often. More often I’ve chosen not to follow someone because…

1. You don’t have a profile picture.

‘The egg’ tells me you’re either new to Twitter, or you don’t understand how it works. Either way, I’m not ready to follow you yet. If you think your tweets are fantastic, engaging, and will better my life simply by being exposed to your 140 character expositions on life, then please do yourself a favor and setup a profile pic.

2. You don’t have a description.

Unless you’re the President of the United States, you shouldn’t assume that people know who you are. Use keywords, let me know if you lean towards hobbies, work, or humor. It’s not a term paper, it’s your elevator pitch.

3. You don’t have a blog.

'Seal' the deal - if you blog, I'm probably going to follow you back.

This isn’t a deal-breaker. But, if you DO have one, it’s more likely to ‘seal the deal.’ A blog gives me a chance to get to know you better. And if you DO have one, link to your ‘About Me’ page, not your site index. One less click for me and all your followers. More importantly, don’t leave it up to chance that we’ll bother to hunt for your bio and read it.

4. You don’t tweet.

Less than a tweet a day or maybe even 0 tweets. Why follow someone who doesn’t say anything? We’re not talking about LinkedIn recommendations. Just because I follow someone doesn’t mean I endorse that person, or vice versa. So if you want people to follow you, say something once in a while. And by ‘while’, I mean maybe every day or so.

5. You tweet, but it’s crap.

You are are a bot. Or you are in marketing, and you’re not very good at it. There’s no personal aspect to your tweets. It’s all links to stories. We all occasionally tweet for the sole purpose to promote ourselves, but we should also try to let our personal selves shine in our tweets.

That’s it!

We’re not talking about a college entrance exam. There’s no need to hire a tutor here. Don’t be a mystery, be yourself, and actively participate.

I DO check these four things every time I go to follow or NOT follow someone. If you are guilty of more than one of these ‘crimes’, then that explains why I don’t follow you. Also, if you quit tweeting (has it been months?), then I will unfollow you as well. If you come back, then so will I.

I’m sure others have their reasons…which they will probably blast me for in the comments that follow 🙂

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