They Just Write SQL Statements

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There are no dumb queries, only dumb....

There are no dumb queries, only dumb….

“Those people are fine, they JUST write SQL.”

I often hear this in the context of visiting customers and offering to provide training (and yes, software) to their database users. There is a class of people who are deemed unworthy of such productivity tools because they do nothing but ‘just write dumb SQL all day long.’ The only problem is, I know that it’s these people that are largely responsible for running the business. When a VP needs to make an investment decision, it’s one of these analysts that provides the data to back their play.

When a supply-chain director needs to know about how many widgets were shipped to Wichita on the 3rd Tuesday of the quarter, it’s an analyst that provides the answer. While they may not be as proficient with the database as a developer or a DBA, their value to the organization is no less important. In fact, I would argue their value is equal to if not greater than a developer or DBA.

You see, it’s the analysts that understand the business. They work with numbers all day long. They know what the numbers mean. They know what they don’t mean. They tell a story with these numbers. So does their productivity and their efficiency not matter?

I hate it when someone tells me they are ‘JUST a Jr. DBA’, or they are ‘JUST a PL/SQL developer.’ Why de-value yourself? But what’s worse is when an entire class of employee is de-valued just because they don’t know the inner workings of an exception clause or don’t have a diagram of the SAN tattooed to their chest. Everyone has a role to play, everyone matters. If they did not, those chairs would be empty.

So, the next time you have budget to spend on training or tools, don’t forget about those people that ‘just write SQL’, because it’s possible that they just keep your business out of the red.

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