Things to Keep in Mind for PASS 2013, Charlotte NC

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So the news is out, Charlotte NC is a destination city!

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  • 2012 Democratic Presidential Convention
  • 2013 PASS Summit
  • Already folks are wondering, hey, where is Charlotte? And, can I get good sushi there?

    Charlotte is a city I visit frequently. Here are a few things I’ve picked up along the way:

    • It’s the ‘Queen City‘ – but so are a half dozen other towns in the US
    • The downtown area is called ‘Uptown‘, and that’s where you want to stay. Walking distance to restaurants, bars, and the professional sports arenas.
    • Speaking of sports, the Panthers might actually be good again by 2013!
    • Finding the airport can be a real PITA. Don’t rely on GPS directions, esp from Google. You’ll wind up in the middle of nowhere.
    • If you like NASCAR, you’ll be in heaven with the new Hall of Fame museum.
    • They have an artificial whitewater rafting park.
    • Traffic is bad, but not horrible. If you want to venture outside of ‘uptown’, get a rental car.
    • You’re kinda close to the beach, but not that close. If you like golf, extend your stay and go to Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach, SC.
    • If you’re a smoker (I’m not, no judging…), you won’t find cheaper cigarettes anywhere else that I know of.
    • The Courtyard Marriott uptown has been renovated, is a very convenient location and has it’s own parking garage.

    Charlotte locals, What Am I Forgetting?

    Twitter helps me find good beer.

    Beer! In particular, local beer! @Peter_Shire properly chides me and provides the following resource:
    Beer Guide for Charlotte

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