So the news is out, Charlotte NC is a destination city!

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  • 2012 Democratic Presidential Convention
  • 2013 PASS Summit
  • Already folks are wondering, hey, where is Charlotte? And, can I get good sushi there?

    Charlotte is a city I visit frequently. Here are a few things I’ve picked up along the way:

    • It’s the ‘Queen City‘ – but so are a half dozen other towns in the US
    • The downtown area is called ‘Uptown‘, and that’s where you want to stay. Walking distance to restaurants, bars, and the professional sports arenas.
    • Speaking of sports, the Panthers might actually be good again by 2013!
    • Finding the airport can be a real PITA. Don’t rely on GPS directions, esp from Google. You’ll wind up in the middle of nowhere.
    • If you like NASCAR, you’ll be in heaven with the new Hall of Fame museum.
    • They have an artificial whitewater rafting park.
    • Traffic is bad, but not horrible. If you want to venture outside of ‘uptown’, get a rental car.
    • You’re kinda close to the beach, but not that close. If you like golf, extend your stay and go to Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach, SC.
    • If you’re a smoker (I’m not, no judging…), you won’t find cheaper cigarettes anywhere else that I know of.
    • The Courtyard Marriott uptown has been renovated, is a very convenient location and has it’s own parking garage.

    Charlotte locals, What Am I Forgetting?

    Twitter helps me find good beer.

    Beer! In particular, local beer! @Peter_Shire properly chides me and provides the following resource:
    Beer Guide for Charlotte


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  2. You may think NASCAR is silly until the day you ride along at 160MPH only 12 inches from the wall. Try it at the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I certainly want to see Rushabh Mehta and the PASS Board do it!


    Peter Shire
    Charlotte SQL Server Users Group |

    • JeffS

      I love the sound of all that HP, esp when they do the ‘start your engines’!

    • JeffS

      Carowinds is decent as far as amusement parks go. They have a pretty cool Star Trek Borg Assimilator ride…

      The BBQ scene will need to be properly introduced. You have the Western vs Eastern debate, which is only understood by the Carolina folks. All of the Texans will be utterly confused…this isn’t BBQ!?!

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