DBAs Versus Developers

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On Thursday, September 30, 10:30AM EST, Bert Scalzo and I will be doing a Quest sponsored Webcast – “DBAs Versus Developers.”

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They're probably not fighting for the database...

That sounds awfully contentious, Jeff!
When visiting customers I am often talking to a group of developers in the morning and DBAs in the afternoon. In the morning, I tell my DBA jokes. In the afternoon, I make friends by piling on the developers. From time to time we have people that bridge the gap or attend both sessions. It is very interesting to watch their expressions as we talk about the challenges they face in the Oracle domain.

It’s not really a war, but it can seem that way sometimes.
I have to admit that I am flummoxed when I hear a developer claim they are not allowed to have a PLAN_TABLE or even view V$SESSION in their development instance! I mean, how are these developers expected to be responsible for the performance of their applications.

This has to be tempered by the fact that the DBA is responsible for protecting the database from it’s users. Do you open up everything to the end user, or do you go more restrictive and wait for the user to complain?

It is these types of debates and challenges that Bert and I will be discussing, and hopefully we can offer some sage advice for finding a happy middle-ground!

What is your favorite bone to pick with ___________ ?
Leave your comments and Bert and I will do our best to work it into the conversation.

I’ll place the Webcast invite link here as soon as we have it ready.

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